Head Injuries in Sports

Here is a follow-up to the previous post. Having been a collegiate athlete and the parent of two children that have played youth sports, I realize that the growing concern of head injuries is becoming an increasingly serious concern.  The number of professional athletes that have walked away from their sports out of necessity or concern for long-term impairment from head injuries is our strongest indication that something needs to change.  Whereas I grew up playing football, now many athletes with similar skills have shifted to sports such as lacrosse.  While still a physical game, the head injury occurrence is much less severe than that witnessed in youth football.  Boys’ lacrosse players wear helmets that provide protection against impact from collisions, stick checks and errant shots.  Interestingly, girls’ lacrosse has only recently looked to introduce helmets to their game.  While the rules are different, and contact is not permitted, players still routinely do collide into one another.  In addition, errant shots as well as unintentional blows from sticks can and do cause head trauma to girls playing the game.  This year both Hummingbird Sports and Cascade have introduced helmets specifically tailored to the girls’ game.  It is a great step forward for player safety and will help further the growth of an exciting game.  While the helmets will impose an additional financial burden on girls’ lacrosse programs, it is hard to envision a parent not wanting to have their daughter play the game with the appropriate protection against head trauma.  I expect that both Hummingbird and Cascade will see dramatic growth in their girls’ helmet sales in the next 12 months.

Source: https://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00094174-michael-roub-updates-preventing-sports-head-injurie.html

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