The Dykema Definitive DSO Conference gathered 1,000+ members of the dental community in Colorado with a focus on DSO Growth, Change and Excellence.  There was an emphasis on clinical excellence, patient care, providing women leadership in the industry and private equity fueling growth.  Overall, it was impactful 3 days for all attendees.

Clinical Excellence

Poor oral health leads to poor systemic health.  The DSO industry is committed to patient care and overall better patient outcomes.   This focus on patient care and clinical excellence will drive ongoing financial success.

Private Equity Fueled Growth

New DSO platforms are continuously emerging led by private equity backers who believe in the dental industry.  The next 10 years should provide continued evolution and growth fueled by private equity backing.  With an increasing number of dentists opting to join group practices versus having a sole practice, having strong business leadership is necessary to lead this growth and change.

Women in DSO Leadership Needs Focus

Women in DSO was a primary focus at the Dykema conference.  Relatively few dental executive positions are held by women.  There is a big focus on solving this problem and advocating for advancement.  Dr. Aman Kaur who founded the organization and other prominent women took part in several impactful discussions on this initiative.

Brian Colao and the Dykema Dental Industry team put on an incredible and meaningful conference.  When the focus for an industry is on enhanced patient care, improving roles for women and improving access to dental services, great things will happen.

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Michael Roub
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