What would be a valuable simple hack to be more productive?  In an article by CEO Blog Nation, entrepreneurs share some valuable to help them be more successful.  Here are a few hacks that I found to be extremely helpful:


Deborah Sweeney from MyCorporation.com uses Headspace. According to Deborah, “Headspace gives me a moment (or a few minutes) to clear my mind, focus my intentions and set myself for a productive, effective, and calm day. I find it to be my most effective hack for handling anything that comes my way on any given day.”

Email Management:

Jennifer Harder, a mortgage broker in Victoria, British Columbia commented that she “set[s] out a dedicated time to check my emails. It’s critical to schedule time in your day to check your emails; you can do this twice a day, once in the morning and again later in the afternoon.”


Erin Mastopietro of Dope Dog is someone that fully believes in the benefits of a nap to boost her performance.  “Take breaks at regular intervals to keep the brain fresh and working. If you work too much, it will exhaust your energy and reduce your capacities thus, limiting your potential. Hence, it is important to take naps or breaks regularly.”

Prepare for the Next Day:

Michael Roub of Inflection 360 “take[s] 10-20 minutes each evening to prep for the day ahead.”  He continues by saying, “I get more done in my first two hours when focused like this than I often do in an entire unfocused day.”

These are just a few quick examples of ways to be productive as an entrepreneur, business leader or anyone that wants to get more out of their daily life.

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Michael Roub
Inflection 360

As Founder of Inflection 360, Michael Roub advises clients on a wide range of strategic initiatives, including operations enhancement, acquisitions and business planning. Michael has a particular expertise working with healthcare practices and small businesses.
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