The athletic recovery space has a new standout product to allow athletes to train harder and recover faster:  fireflyTM recovery device. While professional and collegiate training rooms have understood the importance of recovery for some time, the rest of the athletic community, including weekend warriors, Peloton enthusiasts, CrossFit lovers and casual runners and walkers, are just starting to learn about recovery options.  Athletic recovery is a rapid growth industry because of how critical it is to achieving peek performance.

Used by Elite and Amateur Athletes

Firefly is a small device placed on the leg that stimulates blood flow to replenish oxygen throughout the body.  Firefly recently partnered with both The Atlanta Track Club and The American Distance Project to help their elite runners.  Firefly loyalists include Galen Rupp, Olympic marathoner who even has talked about firefly on their website:

Firefly has been recently seen in articles on ESPN, The Athletic and the Daily Trojan.  The product is quickly adding more professional and collegiate teams to their ranks including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, US Trojan Football, and many others.  Their Instagram site regularly showcases new teams @fireflyrecovery.

firefly athletic recovery device

firefly – recovery redefined

Science Focused

Firefly is perfect for portable and affordable recovery.  Firefly is great at home and even when traveling to help muscles recover faster and keep legs feeling fresh.  Even some NBA starts like Blake Griffin and Victor Oladipo have shared their love of firefly.

Firefly’s newest product is perfect for anyone looking to stay fit and keep at the top of their game.  Firefly looks to Redefine Recovery and help athletes maximize their performance.  If you want to train harder and feel at your peak, this could be a great tool for you.  Regardless of your age, preferred sport, type of exercise, or level of intensity, firefly can make a difference.

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