For many entrepreneurs and small business owners it is hard to let go of responsibilities. But, you need to resist doing everything yourself and learn to leverage your team’s strengths.
You want to avoid spreading yourself too thin. Instead focus on areas where you make the biggest impact and leverage your employees and their strengths.

Why Should You Rely on Other People in Your Business?

1. It will allow you to focus on things you are good at

By handing off some of your responsibilities to your employees, you can focus on more important tasks to benefit the business. For example, can focus on strategy development and growth opportunities instead of social media posting.

2. It will reduce bottlenecks in the business operations

Bottlenecks can easily occur when you are handling too many responsibilities. Hand over some responsibilities to underutilized staff to help to get more things done

Delegate and Leverage Strengths of Others – Focus on Your Strengths to Maximize Performance

Delegate and Leverage Strengths of Others – Focus on Your Strengths to Maximize Performance

3. It will empower your employees

While it might be possible that you are good at everything, involving your employees in the running of your business will allow them to grow and make them more valuable for the business.

4. It will give you access to a fresh and objective perspective

When you leverage others, you also are able to get fresh perspectives and gain new insight. You cannot know everything; there will always be another person who has a different and potentially better idea.

Effective business leaders focus on their strengths, and then leverage others to get things done. Do not overwhelm yourself with everything. Instead, hand over some of your tasks to another person on your team and focus on what you do best. Your employees, your business and you will all benefit.

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Michael Roub

As Co-Founder of Inflection 360, Michael Roub advises clients on a wide range of strategic initiatives, including operations enhancement, acquisitions and business planning. Michael has a particular expertise working with healthcare practices and small businesses.
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