“I Don’t Know.” can be the Right Answer. You can’t know everything, that’s why there are experts. We’ve conditioned ourselves to believe having quick answers to problems proves our competence and leadership. We also believe saying “I don’t know,” can be seen as a weakness.

This is where the mindset needs a shift. We can’t possibly know everything, so reaching out to sources with particular expertise and knowledge proves to be a valuable strategy when it comes to problem solving and efficient work.

“I Don’t Know.” can be the Right Answer

Learn to Delegate

The use of delegation is much more valuable to the success of a business. In delegating tasks to experts in their fields, you’re able to focus your efforts in areas where you are confident, and they in theirs, thus pushing your goals further.

Balancing skill sets helps each employee focus on their strengths when completing tasks and projects. It also makes the delegation process smooth and easy.

Buy Yourself a Little Time

When you say “I don’t know,” a simple way to maintain control and professionalism is to complete the sentence with “…but let me find out and get back to you.” This gives you time to do some research and find out what you need to know to progress.

Being able to admit when you don’t know something may be difficult at times, but giving the wrong answer is much more problematic. Whether you find experts to help, or do the research to get your own answers, you need to be honest to achieve success. With that you can find the power in saying, “I don’t know.” To read the full article click here.

Michael Roub
Inflection 360

As Co-Founder of Inflection 360, Michael Roub advises clients on a wide range of strategic initiatives, including operations enhancement, acquisitions and business planning. Michael has a particular expertise working with healthcare practices and small businesses.
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