Lists are a simple solution to keeping us productive during the work day. But, they can often become a source of stress or anxiety as well. These simple steps can help optimize your process to ensure more productive and consistent work.

Make your list the night before

As a business owner, your time is valuable and needs to be utilized in the most efficient way. If you’re like the majority of the population, you consider yourself to be the most productive in the morning. If so, make it a routine to write out your list at night. By doing so, your energy in the morning will be used to efficiently complete your tasks.

Prioritize your list using the 4 D’s

This is a simple strategy used to simplify the daily tasks of running your business. Establish what on your list can be done now, done by others, deleted entirely, or delayed until another day. By doing so, your priorities become clear and enable a more productive process to your work day. See this helpful chart below, posted by Mike Renahan on Hubspot:

The Four D's of Productivity to Effectively Manage Your To Do List

The Four D’s of Productivity to Effectively Manage Your To Do List

Understand other factors that improve productivity

Optimizing your rest patterns has been shown to increase productivity in the workplace by improving your mood and can also decrease the risk for certain long-term health problems. A balanced work-life schedule has also been shown to improve productivity. By separating work and personal life, stress levels decrease thus improving your mood, as well.

A simple strategy and basic understanding of what can positively affect your productivity will have you hit the ground running when completing your daily to do list. Do yourself a favor by shifting your focus on these simple steps. See full article here

Michael Roub
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As Co-Founder of Inflection 360, Michael Roub advises clients on a wide range of strategic initiatives, including operations enhancement, acquisitions and business planning. Michael has a particular expertise working with healthcare practices and small businesses.
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